A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 34 The Battle Of The Two Armies 2

Chapter 34 The Battle Of The Two Armies 2

Archer’s cosmic sword seemed to blaze with purple fire, cutting through their bodies like a hot knife through butter. , He reveled in his power, feeling almost god-like as he cut down the enemy forces all around him. , Moving with a grace and speed that was almost inhuman, his form blurring in his enemies’ vision. , As he fought, his body pulsed with energy, and he knew that he was tapping into a force that few mortals could ever comprehend. , Despite the blood and death that surrounded him, Archer felt exhilarated and alive. , It was as if every orc, goblin, or troll he killed only added to his strength, his thirst for battle growing with each passing moment. , Finally, the enemy forces began to retreat, their morale crushed by the sight of their fallen comrades and the sheer power of Archer’s cosmic presence. , As Archer stood amidst the smoking ruins of the battlefield, he knew that he had proven himself to everyone here. , He knew he had the power to protect Ella. , As he saw the enemy force retreat, Archer felt a sense of unease. , He knew that some of them might try to regroup and attack again. , Determined to prevent that from happening, he chased after the fleeing beasts, cutting them down one by one. , He was ruthless in his pursuit, knowing that the survival of the city depended on it. Finally, the last of the enemy forces had been vanquished. , Archer looked around and saw the devastation that the battle had wrought. Bodies littered the ground, and the smell of blood and smoke filled the air. , He took a deep breath and began to walk around the battlefield, collecting the bodies of the fallen orcs, goblins and trolls. , It was a gruesome task, but he knew that it was necessary. As he carried out his grim task, he reflected on the battle and the power that he had wielded. , Feeling both humbled and emboldened by the cosmic forces that had been at his command. , Finally, he returned to the human encampment, the people cheered as he approached, grateful at being saved from the beast wave. , As he was standing there the cosmic power left his body making him feel really tired and achy. , He didn’t like this feeling but it didn’t bother him too much, he gained much from this battle. , Archer pushed passed the crowd and started to look for a place to sleep, during the battle he felt the experience pouring into him but that wouldn’t refresh his body. , The aching of using that skill took a toll on his body, he wondered how he got it and if it is related to how he came to this world. , As he went to sit down he heard screams of panicked people running away from the battlefield, as adventurers and what soldiers were left ran towards it. , Archer followed them and saw another beast wave but made up mostly of orcs and trolls. , ”The first wave was a meat shield to lower our numbers down.” , ”Yes it was little guy.” , Archer jumped as he turned around and saw Barador and Tiefel standing there covered in blood. She smiled. , ”I’m glad you’re okay Arch, I pray to Mother that no harm shall come to you in the upcoming battle.” , Archer smiled at her, these people are strange. , They all opened up to him even Jaen who taught him how to woo a woman for some reason, but shooed him away once she was done. , Isaiah would share drinks and food with him, while Barador and Tiefel acted like elder siblings to him. , ”Thank you Tiefel.” , She pouted and scolded the boy. , ”I’ve already told you to call me big sister, I don’t want to hear my name from your lips little dragon.” , Yeah they figured out during the first week about what he was but didn’t fuss too much, it was Jaen who had the biggest reaction as she instantly warmed up to him. , Then there was Sarah, she spent more of her free time during the month chatting with Archer, and truth be told the two of them grew closer. 𝘳𝘦.𝒸𝑜𝘮, She cut his hair for him at one point which he was thankful for. , Sarah even started touching his horns which surprised him because he even enjoyed it. Archer came out of his stupor when his aura detector went crazy and the ground started to shake. , Giant worm-looking beasts popped out of the ground all around the big camp, screams and shouts could be heard, as a horn sounded in the distance. , Anyone close enough to the worms started attacking them. , All Archer could hear was people fighting, explosions rocking the camp, the worms were dealt with quickly but the army suffered some losses due to the surprise attack. , He turned and saw Sarah talking to an armored knight, he heard what he said thanks to his ears. , ”The civilians have been evacuated by boat, only the soldiers remain, we came in with the rescue vessels sent by the Duke of Pharos” , Archer saw the sight behind the man and was filled with hope. 500 armored knights, decked out in their finest combat regalia, was a truly awe-inspiring sight. , Each knight was adorned with beautiful armor crafted from the finest metals, each piece intricately detailed. , Their armor glistened in the sunlight, reflecting the colors of the world around them. , Some were adorned with rich reds and gold, while others favored deep blues and greens that looked like they were taken straight from the depths of the ocean. , The knights were mounted on powerful horses, each beast snorting and pawing impatiently at the ground as they waited for the signal to move. , Their armor was more than just decorative, however, It was designed for battle, with heavy plating protecting every inch of the knight’s body. , Each piece was interlocked, providing full mobility without sacrificing protection. , Their helmets were just as impressive, adorned with majestic decorations, as they hid the face. , A thick chainmail mantle covered their necks and shoulders, adding to their protection. , In unison, the knights spurred their horses forward in perfect formation, the pounding of their mounts’ hooves creating a deafening noise. , They were an unstoppable force as they charged toward the beast’s front line, blocking the way to the city. , The beasts saw this and charged forward, but as they did Archer broke out of his stupor and raised his hand in the air casting Lightning Call. , As he raised his hands, a deadly purple thunderstorm began to brew on the horizon. , The dark clouds churned and twisted, creating an ominous sense of dread amongst the ranks of orcs that were charging toward the fully-armored knights. , As the storm arrived, thunder boomed and the lightning bolts streaked through the sky with deadly accuracy. , The orcs, caught off guard by the suddenness of the storm, shrieked in fear and confusion. , Archer closed his eyes tightly, focusing all of his energy and concentration on the lightning storm. , As the lightning began to strike the ground below, Archer carefully aimed each bolt to strike only the oncoming orcs. , He was careful to avoid the knight’s charge as they advanced further, weaving the lightning between the charging knights to avoid accidental injury. , Despite the cacophony of the storm, the charging knights seemed unaffected as they pressed forward, their armor glowing in the purple light. , They moved with practiced ease and confidence, cutting down the orcs in their path while evading the destructive force of the storm. , Archer pressed forward with the storm, letting it rip the orcs apart and earn him a fortune in experience. , His aura detection went crazy informing him that even more beasts were incoming. , He quickly ran over to Sarah and told her to gather the remaining guild guards and head back to the empire and leave this forsaken kingdom behind. , ”Go Sarah, there’s no use staying here, there are even stronger beasts coming, the north west is clear, you can escape.” , He searched the battlefield looking for a certain group and found them walking towards him and Sarah. , The Fate’s Fortune group was nearby and saw his nod, they understood what it means so they ran over to Sarah and told her Archer was right. , They managed to gather a few dozen guards and adventurers while they fled to the northwest to cross the wooden bridge. , Archer watched them flee into the distance, he could have sworn he saw Sarah turning to look at him, but he shook his head as he turned back to the battle. , The human army was getting pushed back to the river where the bridge was, and knights, adventurers, and citizens were dropping like flies. , He started spamming eldritch blasts, void blasts, and every attack spell he could cast, causing massive purple explosions all over the battlefield. , Beast bodies flew everywhere and the soldiers regrouped and started to fight back, half the knights were dead by now. , The soldiers tried to hold on but were getting overrun as the orcs took to the frontline and bulldozed the humans. , Trolls started to appear, Archer stared at them as they reminded him of the ones for LOTR. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. 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Chapter end

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