A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 37 I Want To Meet Tinker Bell

Chapter 37 I Want To Meet Tinker Bell

Archer jumped up to the higher decks, he came across chests, his eyes shined with greed as he rushed toward them. , Opening the first, he saw small metal pots stacked on top of each other. He picked up one of the pots and opened it, the contents were a nice-smelling spice. , Checking the other pots, they were full to the brim with exotic spices and herbs, he stored the whole lot while moving to the next chest. , Archer opened it and found a treasure trove, there was a detailed item list on top, he picked it up and started reading while commenting on each thing. , Dragon’s Blood – A magical, black resin that is extracted from the scales of a dragon. It has powerful healing and regenerative properties. , ”How did they get this, are there other dragons.” , Unicorn Horns – The horn of a unicorn, has been known to have a variety of magical properties, from healing to purifying water. , ”Who would harm such a creature.” , Phoenix Feather – A feather from a phoenix that is known for its ability to enhance magical spells and protect against dark magic. , ”The church symbol, interesting.” , Kraken Ink – Ink made from the ink sac of a Kraken, which is said to possess the ability to make spells more potent and permanent. , ”Fuck knows what that is for.” , Mermaid Tears – A rare, shimmering liquid that is said to possess strong healing properties and the ability to grant immortality. , ”Why did they make Arial cry.” , Nightshade Berries – A poisonous berry that can be used in powerful potions and deadly poisons. , ”Dodgy looking blackberries.” , Faerie Dust – A magical, glowing powder that is said to be created by faeries. , ”I want to meet Tinker Bell!” , Magic tents – Tent that has more space inside and offers protection in the wild. , He searched the rest of the chests and found one full of random magic artifacts. , Self-refilling quills, inkpots for writing, Weather-controlling amulets or stones, a universal language translation amulet, communication mirrors, and other stuff. , He moved to the next chest and it was full of potions. Healing potions, mana potions, stamina potions, and a bunch of other potions he had no use for. , Archer put the amulet on, as he stored the rest of the stuff, not finding anything else he left the ship and made his way back to the spot he woke up. , Ella P.O.V. , Ella was serving the Duke and his three wives, Janna and Larka kept stealing glances at her as she moved around the room. , There was a hurried knock on the studies door. Leonard stopped talking to his wives and turned to the door. , ”Come in.” , Calluric the butler of the Ashguard family and a young woman with green eyes and brown hair who looked depressed came walking in. , ”What’s wrong Vance and who is she?” , They both bowed before Vance started speaking. ”My lord, she has brought news on the young master Archer.” , Ella’s ears twitched, and everyone turned to face Sarah. , The Duke replies. ”Go on.” , Sarah stepped forward before speaking. ”My lord, I’m the guild manager, Sarah, I just returned from a quest to deliver relief supplies to Rhodora Kingdom, the guild leader requested aid for the Karna city.” , Sarah glanced at Ella, she knew who she was from the information she’s gathered and had to admit that Ella is a beautiful girl. , ‘I hope you’re okay Archer.’ , “The party consisted of 30 adventurers and 60 guild guards, your son included. We spent a month on the road during which Archer killed many beasts and defended the caravan multiple times, it was when we crossed the Eventide River that everything went wrong.” , He interrupted her. ”Hold on, he killed beasts?” , Sarah nodded her head before answering. , ”Yes, as we crossed the bridge, we witnessed a battle between the people of Karna and a horde of goblins, orcs and trolls, the adventurers and guards joined the battle and managed to push them back but it was a trap set by the orc king who was in control.” , ”If not for Archer, we would have never made it back, he held back the orc king and killed many of them.” , Everyone gasped as they heard about the orc king. Janna spoke up with worry very evident in her voice. , ”That stupid boy fought it and didn’t flee, he’s 13 dammit, why was he even there?” , Ella was really worried hearing Archer fight an orc king, but her necklace didn’t react apart from the little vibration the other night. , ‘It must have been when he was fighting.’ , So she continued to listen to the woman who was walking about Archer. Sarah looked down and didn’t want to look at the Duchess but steeled her resolve. , ”I offered him the quest thinking he would gain more experience and benefits instead of constantly hunting beasts inside the Forsaken Forest.” .𝒎, The three women got complicated expressions on their faces, Larka was regretting her decisions and Ksara didn’t look too bothered. ., But it was Janna who reacted the worst, she raced up to Sarah asking what happened. , ”What happened to the boy?” She looked around and couldn’t see him. ”Where is he?” , Sarah looked down, twiddling her fingers before replying. , ”He managed to help us cross the bridge by holding off some of the orcs that were chasing after us, once we crossed the bridge he burnt it down.” , Leonard interrupted her yet again in a voice filled with doubt. ”How did he burn it down, he doesn’t have an affinity for magic.” , Her nerves started to calm down as she looked at the stupid Duke. ”Who said that?” , All the people in the room got a confused looks on their faces as Larka spoke up. , ”His affinity test showed he had no talent and that he was worthless.” , Sarah couldn’t believe what she was hearing. ”Excuse me Duchess are you sure we’re talking about the same boy, can you tell me what he looks like?” , Larka looked taken aback and described him. ”He was small and weak, he had white hair, dragon-kin ears, and blue eyes.” , Sarah looked confused. ”You haven’t seen his eyes, scales, or horns?” , Everyone’s eyes opened wide, mouths hung open apart from Janna who had a smile on her face, Leonard quickly noticed and asked. , ”What’s wrong Janna?” , ”I saw him just before he left for the quest and he had changed a lot, he seemed so different compared to the timid Archer I know.” , Leonard had a thinking look on his face as he turned to Sarah. , ”Continue.” , She nodded her head. ”Archer and the orc king started fighting, half way through their fight another orc got involved and managed to injure him, he was sent flying into the Eventide River getting swept away.” , Ella nearly collapsed when she heard those words, she asked Leonard if she could excuse herself, he got a strange look on his face and was about to deny her request when Ksara stepped in. , ”Let her go darling, we need to talk anyway.” , He nodded dismissing Ella. Sarah watched the poor young girl rush out of the room with tears in her eyes. , Ella rushed towards her bedroom with tears in her eyes, she knew he was fine but it still didn’t stop her worrying about the boy she cared for. , Locking the door behind her as she rushed in, not long after that Janna knocked on the door. , When the women saw her leave they all knew she was affected by Archer going missing, Janna knew it would be hard on the poor girl but Larka was shocked by the girl’s expression as Sarah spoke. , The two women left the room not long after Ella did, Sarah also excused herself and followed after them. , ”Ella, It’s me Janna open the door, darling.” , She got off the bed and walked over to the door unlocking it, when she opened the door she saw three women standing there. , Larka barged in, looked around then stared at Ella before speaking. ”What’s your relationship with Archer?” , Ella’s got nervous before talking in a quiet voice. ”We like each other.” , She stared at the girl before turning away to sit down, Janna approached and hugged the girl, and whispered in her ear. ”He will be fine darling, he will return to you.” , Sarah entered the room and approached Janna. , ”Duchess, I asked the adventurers where Eventide River ends, and they told us it ends at the Southlands.” , Ella looked at her after Janna let her go. ”Southlands?” , She nodded as she explained all she knew. ”Well, I think everyone should sit down before they hear this.” , They all sat down and looked toward the brunette, who cleared her throat before speaking, , ”It is probably the worst place on the Pluoria, at the center of the Southlands lay a massive jungle full of cannibals, the rest of the south is made up of six kingdoms and an Empire. , Archer will have to be careful as he crosses the many different lands, but I know for a fact he isn’t dead that boy won’t die easy, he will return back to us.” , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. 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Chapter end

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