A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 4 - The Blazing Palm that Sent a Pig Up The Tree!

Chapter 4 - The Blazing Palm that Sent a Pig Up The Tree!

, , Chapter 13 – Red Fruit of a Fat Pig, Zhu Zhong Ba started screaming, his face terrified: “You evil woman, what did you do to me?! Why can’t I use my spiritual power….”, For a cultivator, for the cultivation base to become crippled, it’s the same as becoming an ordinary person. Compared to death it’s a terrible torture., He Xi ignored him, rather, she took out a dagger and with a few quick swipes, cut his clothes into pieces., The courtyard gate had somehow opened without anyone noticing, allowing a cold wind to blow in., Zhu Zhong Ba’s clothes fluttered in the breeze, slowly falling to the ground, leaving only worn out, raggedy pants to still hang on his body, making him want to cover it but he couldn’t., “Tsk tsk!” He Xi shook her head and sighed, “I thought the clothes you were wearing were ugly enough, I didn’t expect that when I removed your clothes you would be so ugly to the point of blinding people’s eyes. To say you are fat pig, it’s simply insulting to an actual pig.”, “Lowly woman, you sure have the ability to attack this young master!” Growing up Zhu Zhong Ba had been raised with a gold spoon in his mouth, he had never received such a humiliation, hysterically he roared, “Lowly woman, I will dismember your body into a thousand pieces!”, He Xi contemptuously laughed, “Based on your stupid appearance now, you still think you can dismember my body into a thousand pieces? I, this great aunt, is so afraid!”, “You just wait! Wait until I’m saved, I absolutely will not let you off! Even if I have to chase after you till the end of the earth, I will kill you!”, “Ha ha ha….alright, I will wait!” He Xi laughed, “Just so you know, you don’t need to chase after me till the end of the earth. I can tell you now, my name is Nalan Fei Xue, Nalan manor’s Second Miss, the genius doctor Nalan Zheng Ze’s daughter, you can just come and find me to settle this account!”, “Nalan Fei Xue….” Zhu Zhong Ba gnashed his teeth while loudly repeating this name, his eyes flashing red with thoughts of wanting to bite and crush her to death, “I certainly will not let you off!”, He Xi ignored his roaring, following suit with what she had done to Zhu Zhong Ba, she stripped the four guard’s clothes and tied them one by one to the pillar in the middle of the hall., For the items on Zhu Zhong Ba and the bodies of the four guards, including the precious Storage Ring on Zhu Zhong Ba’s hand, she kindly accepted it all out of the goodness in her heart., With a loud echoing crash, He Xi completely destroyed the courtyard’s main gate, causing the scene in the Hall to be plainly visible to people walking past., Every person in the courtyard was then hit by her, resulting with at least one day and one night that they couldn’t even crawl to get up., To be believed that when tomorrow morning arrived, when the first strands of the suns rays shined in here, there will certainly be many people who will see the world’s best scene inside this house., Facing the pale silver moonlight, He Xi spun around and rushed back to Zhu Zhong Ba in the middle of the hall, wearing a brilliant grin: “You can show your ugly body in front of people, but your Honour, don’t forget to thank me later! Remember, my name is Nalan Fei Xue!”, Turning around the smile on He Xi’s face changed, twisting into something sinisterly dark and cold., Nalan’s Second Miss, Nalan Fei Xue? He he, since you think Nalan He Xi blocked your path, if I didn’t do something and just ignored your actions, wouldn’t that be too sad for you?, No one should scheme against her, He Xi, after this if they couldn’t afford to pay the bitter price, like in her previous life., Now she was also holding this body’s original, Nalan He Xi’s, portion of karma., The quickly departing He Xi didn’t know that after she left, about an incense stick worth of time, a shadow sprang from the courtyard, quickly rushing to the luxurious official residence nearby, next to Yan Jing Imperial Palace., In the silence of the night, a mans laughter without restraint was suddenly heard from inside the official residence building., The man’s laughter was deep and low. It resounded loudly, similar to a cello string being plucked, with layers of hidden depth it teased a persons heart., His laughter at this moment was filled with overflowing interest, “Really only grows more and more interesting. This king is impatient and wants to immediately meet her.”, “The information that I asked you to investigate, have you received it yet?”, “The information has just arrived Master, please have a look.”, The man took the offered Jade Slip1 with eyes full of curiosity, his expression slowly changing as he absorbed the information it stored., 1 Jade Slip (玉簡 yùjiǎn) – A long, narrow strip of jade used as a magical item. A cultivator can magically store information inside it, and other cultivators can then use that Jade Slip to directly transmit the stored information into their minds. Based on the Bamboo Slips used in ancient China. (source from )

Chapter end

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