A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 17: Reeling in the Fish that got Baited

Chapter 17: Reeling in the Fish that got Baited

Hexi startled, and quickly opening the other jade box, she saw that there was another spiritual plant inside, but this one looking even weirder than the previous plant., “This is Rainbow Skirt herb, there are thirteen cylindrical shaped leaves altogether, every hundred years it will unfold a piece. The newly unfolded leaf emits a strong fragrance, it can attract level eight and below demonic beasts, helps with breeding demon beasts, and can induce labour. Dan Dan also likes to eat this, but it’s still too young now, there’s not even a hint of fragrance.”, This guy really can’t help but talking about eating every three sentences!, Hexi was amused by Dan Dan’s gluttonous nature, she couldn’t help but poke its eggshell and say with a teasing tone, “Unexpectedly my Dan Dan has a great skill, you are able to recognise uncommon spiritual plants like this, and you’re also able to speak clearly and logically.”, “Of course!” Dan Dan’s voice was full of pride and intimacy, “Mother, Dan Dan is very useful, Dan Dan can recognise all the spiritual plants in this world, certainly I can be of help to mother in the future.”, Hexi chose not to comment on it’s words, she didn’t believe that an egg that had never come out from this space would be able to recognise every spiritual plant. It was probably because it had stayed with old man Xumi for a long time, listening as he mentioned objects of the outside world, therefore it’s knowledge was relatively broad., However, she still continued stroking Dan Dan and praising it, the golden light in the eggshell twisting disorderly, it’s giggling laughter foolish and silly., “Dan Dan, are you able to see things outside of this space?”, “Currently I still can’t!” Dan Dan replied disappointedly, “But after I come out I can! Therefore mother, you must bring me out, Dan Dan wants to be together with mother all the times.”, Hexi recalled the pile of magical items and yuan that it swallowed before, and remembering how Dan Dan had just said “didn’t get to eat enough till I’m full”, she felt a burst of pain in the back of her head., It takes a lot spiritual energy to make this little fellow come out! However, she is penniless now, which magical items would be able to make it come out?, She still had a long way to go with raising this little fellow!, ****, In order for her to be able to adapt to this new body better, Hexi, in another courtyard of her space, cultivated for two days., Because of the nourishment from the spring water, the injuries on her body healed very quickly, leaving only the scars that had built up over many years, those wouldn’t be eliminated in such a short time. When she pulled up her sleeves she could still see the terrifying scars., On the morning of the third day, Wet Nurse Chen brought breakfast with a deeply worried face, and after Hexi had questioned her several times in a row, finally mumbled, “The food stock is very quickly bottoming out, previously all of our yuan was seized by Butler Li and the others to fawn on Nalan Manor’s butler, now not even a few pieces of first rank yuan can be found. If we don’t think of something, we, and the people in this house, will starve to death.”, Several Martial artists in this courtyard were killed and controlled by her, but besides these martial artists, in this courtyard there also lived a few part time workers and maids., Their status was low, not like Butler Li and the others that could bully Nalan Hexi, but if their food was reduced, inevitably there will be a day they will rebel., Wet Nurse Chen saw Hexi frowning, and quickly rushed to appease her, “Miss, you don’t have to worry, today I will go to Nalan Manor to seek out Master and Madam. No matter what, you are also a daughter of the Nalan family, Master’s biological daughter, he will certainly not let you starve to death.”, “No need.” Hexi laughed coldly, “If he really looked at Nalan Hexi as a daughter, he wouldn’t have thrown me away for many years, and regardless, if he wasn’t even aware of his daughter being sold to Gluttonous House by his own people, what kind of father is he.”

Chapter end

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