Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 78 – Little Cosmos Dimension

Chapter 78 – Little Cosmos Dimension

Regarding this matter, Long Chen was rather confused. He only knew that the Lingwu Family was the supreme power in Yuanling City. Hence, he went straight to Yuanling City and directly joined it.

In reality, even within Yuanling City, people were only vaguely aware of this fact. That was why when Gan Lin brought it up; Long Chens mind drew blank.

Gan Lin knew that Long Chen wasnt from Yuanling City, so he explained everything in greater detail.

Everyone knows that our Lingwu Family is the governor of the Yuanling County. We have established town halls and village halls around the Yuanling Countys towns and villages. These are all forces belonging to the subordinates of the Lingwu Family. Its just like the Yang Family, where you came from. I believe they just established themselves as Poplar Towns town hall masters right?

Long Chen nodded his head: It is indeed as you said.

Gan Lin continued: Yuanling Country is massive, many things happen every single day. Robbers commit murders, horse thieves pillage and so on. When the local county governor cant deal with it, they will need the strength of our Lingwu Familys outer faction

When Lin Gan explained it, Long Chen finally understood.

The Lingwu Family is like a government body while its outer faction is like its henchmen. Helping it maintain their stable ruling through force.

Gan Lin looked out through the door, narrowed his eyes and said: Our Green Faction is responsible for the peace and wellbeing of Yuanling City area. Within the green district of Lingwu city, there is a huge building. Its called the Hall of Achievements. Our Lingwu Family has a powerful intelligence network, meaning that we have numerous assignments posted in the Hall of Achievements every day. As long as you are a member of the Lingwu Family outer faction, you will be able to receive assignments from our Hall of Achievements, complete assignments and you can exchange for rewards. Naturally, the family might also issue assignments for you and order the completion of them. You Fourth-Grade Disciples, in order to not get expelled from the Lingwu Family, must, at least, complete a fourth-grade assignment every month! In similar fashion, a Third-Grade Disciple must complete a third-grade assignment every month!

Some tasks will be mandatory and are unavoidable. However, you shouldnt hold any resentment. One must know that in Lingwu Family, you will be rewarded for your services and contributions. Our Lingwu Family has innumerable resources, cultivation techniques, divine weapons, and elixirs. But only people who have done great services for the Lingwu Family can acquire these. For people belonging to the Lingwu Family, the values of these goods arent measured in deity jades, like outsiders do. One cannot acquire Lingwu Family goods with deity jades. If you want anything, you will have to exchange them with your contributions. Every time you complete an assignment, there will be a specialist who will conduct evaluations and assess your contributions. The most important currency inside Lingwu Family are the resulting contribution points.RAd latSt chapters at n(v)e(l)bin/.c/o/m Only

Every item can be exchanged for contribution points, the more contribution points you have, the more resources you can exchange for. Our Lingwu Family is rich in resources and comparable to even the Daybreak Merchants Union. However, the resources you can exchange inside Lingwu Family are much easier to access and cheaper than what you can get by using deity jades as an outsider.

Hearing this, Long Chens eyes shone. While Long Chen was deeply moved by the vast amount of resources and might of the Lingwu Family, he also thought of medicines with spirit healing properties. An enormous faction like this will definitely own some of it.

Is it true that as long as I contribute to the family, I can get these medicines? There wont be a need to risk my life to earn money?

This system of contribution points made Long Chen feel pleasantly surprised.

In reality, even in the Yang Family, if you have contributed to the clan you would also receive rewards. But there was no system to it. It was all based on the whims of the ancestor. No one else had the power to intervene. But this was different inside the Lingwu Family. Such a large organization made each and every one work for what they desired the most!

Long Chen secretly praised: This Lingwu Family really is extraordinary. Originally, people who just joined the outer faction wouldnt be loyal enough and wouldnt work their hardest. But by applying this method, wont every one of us put our lives on the line to accomplish missions?

After saying this, Gan Lin asked: The five of you, did you understand the things Ive said?

Long Chen and the rest all nodded. Then one amongst them asked: Senior Brother Gan, in what form, do we receive our contribution points?

Gan Lin was startled, then laughed shortly thereafter: Oh, I actually forgot to tell you.

He took out a badge made of white jade from his cosmos pouch. Suddenly, a surge of Qi radiated. This badge was actually made from deity jade!

This is the identity badge that every member of our Lingwu Family must have. Do you see the marks on its back? These record your personal identity, strength, origin and other information. But of course, the most important information it records is your contribution points. Thats why when you receive assignments or want to exchange for resources, you will have to produce your own identity badge. Usually, as long as you calm yourselves, place the identity badge on your palm and infuse it with some Qi, then the information will be retrieved from within the identity badge.

Something this amazing forced Long Chen into admitting that Lingxi was right about him being a frog at the bottom of a well.

TL Note: () Frog at the bottom of a well means a frog observing the world through the opening of a well, not knowing what was going outside.

He was very interested in this identity badge, so he asked: When will we receive this identity badge?

Gan Lin smiled and said: There are already people at work making them. They will arrive shortly and as soon as you receive that identity badge you will officially be a member of the Lingwu Family. Normal factions within Poplar Town will not dare to challenge you openly.

The Lingwu Family has a robust background, which is comparable to a kingdom!

Long Chen and the others four felt waves of emotions surging through their hearts.

Seeing these five people trying to suppress their urges Gan Lin shook his head and didnt say anymore. After waiting a while, he said: You should remember a couple of important places. Firstly, there is the Hall of Achievements; this is where you accept and hand in assignments. Secondly, there is the Treasure Exchange Pavilion; where you exchange for resources. You can all go and get acquainted with these two places. But the third place is the training grounds. You must be in Deity Dan Realm before you may enter.

Training ground?

This aroused Long Chens curiosity as he quickly asked: Senior Brother Gan, can you tell me more about this training ground?

Long Chen strong interest in this matter was a proof of his strong ambitions.

Seeing the burning gaze of this youth, Gan Lin thought secretly in his heart: He is just at the 8th level of Dragon Pulse Realm yet he could already use intermediate Xuan grade techniques. Basically, no one within the Green Faction could have pulled off something like that. The Lady Enforcer has also shown personal interest in him, while he is also greatly motivated. Lets hope that he can maintain this motivation after this first year.

Because of these factors, Gan Lin smiled slightly and said: Alright, I will tell you a bit about it. Our Lingwu Family has always had its own little cosmos dimension. All the entrances are within Lingwu City. Our nine big outer factions each has its own entrance. The name of this dimension is called the Sky Martial Plane!

Seeing their vacant stares, Gan Lan smiled apologetically: It seems like you dont know what a small cosmos dimension is right? Well, its similar to the Cosmos pouch youre holding. Space within them doesnt belong to our world, so this small cosmos dimension could be imagined as a gigantic Cosmos pouch. It doesnt belong to our world either but it is simply attached to a small space on our continent. The area of Sky Martial Realm is about the same as Yuanling City. Within it lives all kinds of demon beasts and their reproductive abilities are terrifyingly fast. I guess you can get the general picture right? We of the Lingwu Family, apart from taking assignments, spend all our time cultivating. But simply cultivating doesnt raise ones prowess. Thats why one must also train by fighting with demon beasts. The Sky Martial Realm is a piece of training paradise, which belongs exclusively to the Lingwu Family. Alright, there is one thing that I must tell you all

Seeing their eagerness, Gan Lin finally said: The reproductive abilities of the demons beasts and their numbers within Sky Martial Realm are all really numerous. There are even 9th ranked demon beasts, therefore with your current prowess; you must strive to kill as many demon beasts within the Sky Martial Realm as you can. After obtaining the demonic beasts energy cores, beast souls and beast corpses, you can go to Treasure Exchange Pavilion and exchange for contribution points. From there, you may then exchange the points for other resources. For example, a couple of days ago I killed a demon beast in the 3rd level of Profound grade. Using its demonic beasts energy core and beast souls, I exchanged it for contribution points. I then traded it for a Basic Xuan grade elixir!

Isnt that the Poplar Towns Big Barren Mountain? Long Chen said to himself.

Long Chen has never heard about little cosmos dimension before, but after Gan Lins explanation, Long Chen understood a little bit of it.

Lingxi said, this Long Ji Continent is extremely large, even if it grew a couple of bumps and gave birth to some little cosmos dimension, nothing will be out of the ordinary.

At this time, Lingxis voice transmitted: Oh? Even this small place has a cosmos dimension? Its rather strange. Long Chen, if you have the opportunity, shall we enter and go for a stroll in it?

The might of a womans curiosity isnt something a man can understand, therefore, Long Chen could only hurriedly agree.

Xiao Xi, have you encountered a lot of these little cosmos dimensions?

Lingxi blinked and said: At my place, these things could be seen everywhere.

Long Chen felt that his confidence took a hit and didnt dare ask further.

Right now, even Lingwu City was a like a gigantic heavenly existence in Long Chens eyes. The forces within it are complicated beyond recognition. But Lingxi, where in the world did she come from?

While Long Chen was contemplating the origin of Lingxi, Gan Lin mistook his silence as him being scared witless by the Sky Martial Realm. So he patted Long Chen on the shoulder and smiled: Dont worry, once you enter the Human Dan Realm, you will be able to acquire a new Beast Spirit Origin from the Sky Martial Realm. When that time comes, we, as the subordinates of Enforcer Liu, will be willing to help you.

Every time a beast warrior enters a new realm, he can refine a new beast spirit. And it will become his Beast Spirit Origin. Long Chen knew about this but Long Chen isnt really a beast warrior and Long Chen has never refined any beast spirit. Therefor he wouldnt know how to explain it once he enters the Human Dan Realm. But right now there is no hurry.

I thank Senior Brother Gan in advance; I will do my best to reach the Deity Dan Realm as soon as possible

With a treasure like the Soul Diffusion Fruit, he only needed to reach the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm before he could enter the Deity Dan Realm.

Right now, Long Chen felt pressure from two sides, one from Crimson Blood Sacred Sect and one from the Lingwu Family. They both required him to have sufficient strength to persevere.

If the Sky Martial Realm is really how Gan Lin described and the number of demon beasts are unlimited, my powers will soar if I enter by myself and use the [Blood Transmuted Qi]! Furthermore, I can exchange the demonic beast energy cores and beast spirits for contribution points. This Lingwu Family really is the place most suitable for me!

At this time, a male figure appeared outside the gate.

Chapter end

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