Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 95 – Treasure Exchange Pavilion

Chapter 95 – Treasure Exchange Pavilion

Within the nine Treasure Exchange Pavilions in Lingwu City, each was located in one of the nine Great Outer Factions. As for the Green factions Treasure Exchange Pavilion, it wasnt located that far from the Green Sun Hall.

Even though there were quite a few members of the Ling Wu Family, since it was early in the morning, Long Chen didnt encounter many people.

Experts were everywhere in the Ling Wu Family, and just inside the Green Willow Residence, Long Chen had already encountered such fierce rivalry, not to mention outside.

Presently, Long Chen kept a low profile so that he fit in with Dragon Pulse Realm cultivators as he headed towards the Treasure Exchange Pavilion.

The closer he got to the Treasure Exchange Pavilion, the more people he met. There were no lack of young experts amongst them.

Within the Green Faction, Human Dan Realm practitioners were numerous, Earth Dan Realm practitioners were rarely seen. As for Heaven Dan Realm practitioners, Long Chen hadnt seen a single one, which implied that the strongest person he had seen so far was Liu Lan from the Green Faction.

The Green Factions Treasure Exchange Pavilion was much bigger than the branch auction house of the Daybreak Merchants Union at Eastern Ling Region. It was three levels high and immensely vast.

Long Chen knew that the two topmost levels, werent places someone like him could enter with his current status, or strength.

But even if it was only the first floor, Long Chen would most likely find everything that he needed at the moment.

In this place of grand splendor where everything was inlaid with precious pearls, Long Chen finally found the area for spirit medicine.

Even though the spirit medicines were categorised, there wasnt a designated spot for godly-level spirit medicine. Long Chen could only look around the Other section and, after asking someone, he managed to buy a single Spirit Recovery Fruit.

Looking over the price tag, Long Chen let out a sigh. The price for Spirit Recovery Fruit was 9 contribution points.

After the exchange, he put away the Spirit Recovery Fruit into his Cosmos Pouch and asked the clerk, May I ask if there are other Spirit medicines, like the Spirit Recovery Fruit?

Treasure Exchange Pavilion only prepared one of this sort of medicine. Youve bought this fruit today and must waiting two to three days before new Spirit Recovery Fruits will arrive.

Long Chen nodded. There was nothing he could do except wait for two to three days before coming back and exchange his points for it.

Outside, each Spirit Recovery Fruit costs 100 Deity Jades while here, it only costs 9 contribution points. This one assignment earned me over 300 Deity Jades. But Im merely a newbie and only completed a third rate assignment. I shouldnt be able to make this much. It must be Liu Lan who gave me a little extra

As Long Chen was pondering over this issue, Ling Xi was immersed in the joy of acquiring another Spirit Recovery Fruit. As she heard Long Chens question, she knew that Long Chen would most likely trade all his 30 contribution points for Spirit Recovery Fruits. She was moved but still felt bad as she yelled. Hey, one is enough for me. Save some points to exchange something for yourself. Ill help you look, lets see if theres anything good around here!

Its alright, I dont need anything else. This kind of Spirit Medicine can save your life, so I need stock up

Ling Xi protested, No! Even if you give it to me, I wont accept it. Ill start looking for something nice for you. This Ladys eyesight is extraordinary!

Long Chen couldnt do anything about it so he simply roamed about aimlessly inside the Treasure Exchange Pavilion. The one who was really looking for things was Ling Xi.

Release the bloodhound, hahaha

Bastard! Ungrateful fool, this Lady is doing this for you

At this moment, Ling Xi startled, then got excited as she whispered, Hey, you see that Initial Returning Fruit over there?

This little lass really seems to have found something good.

Long Chen didnt expect this and quickly looked in the direction Ling Xi indicated. There was indeed a piece of starch black fruit, about the size of a fist. It was packaged securely and didnt reveal anything extraordinary.

Initial Returning Fruit, Profound middle grade spirit medicine, has healing properties. For experts below the Earth Dan Realm, it can be used to cure wounds. Pricing: 20 contribution points

Seeing the explanation next to the Initial Returning Fruit, Long Chen scanned through and read out the important parts. He then asked with some doubt, Little Xi, these kinds of middle Profound middle grade Spirit Medicines with healing qualities can be seen everywhere within the Treasure Exchange Pavilion. And its also clear that its healing effects arent that good. Other middle Profound Grade Spirit Medicines are priced over 50 contribution points

Thats because you are all inexperienced and dont know wonderful this Initial Returning Fruit is! Listen to me, hurry up and buy it, else you will miss this opportunity!

But I only have 21 contribution points left

So annoying, if you dont buy it, I will ignore you!

Long Chen was helpless. He could only spend 20 contribution points to receive this beyond ordinary looking Initial Returning Fruit.

Seeing a person that clearly wasnt a Earth Dan Practitioner buy something like the Initial Returning Fruit. The staff member said puzzledly, If its for private use, I can recommend you some Initial Profound Grade Spirit Medicines, like the Canola Grass. For a single Contribution point you can purchase a couple of them.

Long Chen immediately refused politely.

The clerk immediately looked upon him as he was looking at a retard, then proceeded to ignore him.

Long Chen was also inwardly depressed.

Little Xi, if you made me waste these contribution points for nothing, just see if I dont thrash you once we get back!

Whatever! You useless fool, without me you would never figure out the miraculous use of this Initial Returning Fruit. This Initial Returning Fruit isnt a healing medicine to begin with, and is actually being used as a healing medicine. How amusing!

Ling Xi expressed indignation, seemingly in a hurry to show off her knowledge as she told Long Chen to leave immediately.

This little lass is so secretive, but she seems to be able to give me benefits every time. If I believe her, I cant go wrong!

Though Long Chens words were harsh, he actually put a lot of trust in Ling Xi. Now that he had used up his contribution points, there was no point in lingering. On top of that, he was anxious to know the uses of the Initial Returning Fruit, Long Chen prepared to leave.

Dawn had passed and more and more people gathered at the Treasure Exchange Pavilion. Long Chen was but another person in the sea of people.

The Lingwu Family is very strict on status, and even within the Treasure Exchange Pavilion, there are different rankings for each floor. As I am only of the lowest status, I can only gain access to the first level of the Treasure Exchange Pavilion. There are only initial Profound Grade and some middle-grade items. Im guessing that I can only get better items at the second and third level, but when will I be strong enough to go up there

Just as Long Chen was about to leave the Treasure Exchange Pavilion, he suddenly sensed a heated glare at him. He looked up quickly, and who else could it be but Feng Wutian, who had given him his identity badge?

Seeing the grave young man, Long Chen thought back to all that Liu Lan had told him the night before. Just as expected, after seeing Long Chen, ice-cold bloodlust radiated from Feng Wutian.

Feng Wutian was in robes that were a light orange. He looked poised and elegant, a faint orange glinting in his eyes. Besides Long Chen delicate, handsome looks, there were no areas in which he could compare with Feng Wutian.

Brother Wutian, Feng Lingye is right over there. Ill bring you

Beside Feng Wutian, there was a young girl in a dull red skirt. She had a dainty appearance with her cherry-red lips, thin willowy waist, and tall stature which brought about lustful gazes from countless men. Even her sweet voice was difficult to resist.

If she grew up a little more, Long Chen estimated she would turn out to be an exceptional jewel in the world just like Liu Lan. The more Long Chen looked at this girl, the more similar she seemed to be to Liu Lan.

Brother Wutian?

Seeing Feng Wutian stop in her tracks, she was startled and looked in Long Chens direction. Seeing he was just an ordinary outer faction member, she looked at Feng Wutian in confusion.

Brother Wutian, what are you looking at him for?CHCk for ew stries on no/v/el/bin(.)c0m

Feng Wutian ignored him and coldly shared a gaze with Long Chen.

Seeing Long Chen stealing Feng Wutians attention, she immediately got angry and glanced at Long Chen, expression icy.

At this point, Feng Wutian had walked to two metres before Long Chen, and stopped. Bystanders were surprised, and discovering there seemed to be some enmity between the two, they immediately crowded around and gesticulating at them.

Isnt that Green Sun Halls Feng Wutian? Why is he bothering with that nameless fellow?

How would we know?

Seeing this fellow who was neither servile nor overbearing, Feng Wutian had an apathetic look on his face.

Long Chen could sense that ice cold bloodthirstiness from him. The strength of a peak Human Dan Realm Practitioner was not simple, as was expected, and even though Long Chen had been able to kill Huang Feiyang who had that level of strength, there seemed to be no way to win against Feng Wutian.

Is this Long Chen?

Indifferent words travelled from Feng Wutians mouth.

The young lady beside him, however, had never heard the name Long Chen before. However, seeing Feng Wutian so hostile towards Long Chen, she got in a bad mood and spoke, Young man, Brother Wutians talking to you. Answer him quickly or Ill make your life difficult!

Having said this, she gazed at Feng Wutian trying to win favour from him, but seeing Feng Wutian as cold as ever, she seemed to have hit a wall. All she could do was vent her anger on Long Chen, glaring wide-eyed at him with eyes flickering with killing intent!

After hearing Long Chens name, a Green Sun Hall cultivator suddenly remembered something and whispered to his friend, That Long Chen has the most potential out of the newest batch of Green Sun Hall recruits. A few days, he left with Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya to complete a mission. Its said that Huang Feiyang disappeared, and seeing that Feng Wutian is looking for Long Chen, could it be that the disappearance of Huang Feiyang has something to do with Long Chen?

Thats possible! I heard that from the selection to enter the family, Long Chen seems to have injured Huang Feiyangs little brother!

Yet another cultivator from Green Sun Hall spoke. Word quickly spread, and soon enough, everyone present knew about the existence of their newest member, Long Chen!

When he entered the family, he was merely at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. How can he actually compare with someone whos already at the Human Dan Realm? Thats just an unfounded rumour.

How else can you explain why Feng Wutian is looking for trouble with Long Chen?

Just watch and well find out.

Chapter end

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