Mutated Tao – Chapter 8: Rewriting the Script

Chapter 8: Rewriting the Script

Just as Li Huowang was preparing to leave, he saw the girl suffering from albinism shyly remove one of her shoes before removing a golden anklet that had a red thread tied around it from around her almost transparent ankle.

Li Huowangs eyes widened as he estimated the weight of the golden anklet in his hand. Even though it was somewhat light, it was still made of gold and should be worth a decent amount.

Satisfied, he stuffed these objects into the wide sleeves of his Taoist robes. He then pointed to the girl suffering from albinism and said, Listen up, from now on shes in charge of the preparation room. All of you should obey her instructions.

Seeing everyone nodding hesitantly, he took the prepared ingredients and rushed off toward the pill room.

On the way, he stole glances at the waists of others he saw, hoping to find another jade pendant. Unfortunately, he was disappointed.

When Li Huowang returned to the furnace room, he saw the large and oppressive pill furnace slowly opening.

At the same time, Dan Yangzi flicked his sleeves, causing several dark-blue pills to be arranged neatly into rows in front of him and then be poured into the khaki gourd hanging on his waist.Expplre ptodte stories at no/el//bin(.)cm

As he watched this, Li Huowang burned with envy; these should be the supernatural powers that Xuan Yin had told him about. He wondered if he could learn them somehow.

If I could bring this ability back to reality, then focusing purely on money would be quite short-sighted.

Li Huowang bent down to place the ingredients in his hand, ready to observe and listen. Currently, he did not understand much, so it was better to just watch and absorb as much as he could.

Xuan Yang~

Another task? So soon? Am I really just an errand boy now? I cant keep running around like this Ive got to think of a way to convince Baldy to pass his supernatural powers onto me.

In response to his name being called out, Li Huowang clasped his hands together and bowed toward Dan Yangzi. Master, what are your orders?

Go to the preparation room and bring the guiding drug ingredient called Bai Lingmiao.

Li Huowangs heart skipped a beat. His right hand reached into his sleeve and touched the golden anklet that had a red thread tied around it. Bai Lingmiao seemed to be the name of that young girl suffering from albinism.

Eh? Upon seeing his new disciple not reacting, Dan Yangzi turned to look at him.

Li Huowang clenched his teeth. He had just told them that he would protect them, but now he had to send her to her death immediately after. It was honestly rather indefensible.

Didnt you hear what I said?

Sensing that Dan Yangzis tone was becoming antagonistic, Li Huowang sighed helplessly before closing his eyes.

When he reopened them, he was once again returned to the pristine hospital ward, bound to the bed.

What should I do?

If it had been before, then he would have just followed the orders without any hesitation. But the problem was that there was a very real possibility of that world being real. If he really brought her to Baldy, it would likely result in her death. This fact weighed heavily on his conscience.

After the nurses released him, Li Huowang bit his nails and paced back and forth in his room.

What should I do? What should I do?

Before he could come up with any ideas, the door was pushed open, and his attending physician walked in.

He smiled bitterly. He was trapped on both sides and now he had nowhere else to run.

The doctor pointed at him with a frustrated look on his face and said, Hey, well talk one-on-one after the visitors leave.


Before Li Huowang could respond, he saw his weary-looking mother enter the room with a bag of fruits.

I heard that you got into a fight at the hospital. Hows your head? Why are you wrapped in bandages like that? Does it hurt? She rushed over and examined him anxiously.

Mom, it doesnt hurt. Im fine, really. Its them who caused trouble. Li Huowang immediately reassured her.

After he spent some time consoling her, at least Li Huowang ensured that his mom wouldnt shed tears.

Faced with his next of kin, even his troubles at the other end had to take a step back.

Li Huowang selectively reported some positive news, Mom, dont worry, Im fine. My illness is much better now, and Ive also been keeping up with my studies. Ill be able to take the Entrance Exam once Im discharged.

Stop hiding things from me. The doctor has told me everything. Go on, tell me what exactly happened that day. Who started the fight?

Li Huowang used the calmest tone he could muster to explain to his mother, but that did not seem to appease his mothers anger by much.

Thats perfectly justified, so what compensation are we talking about! They are the ones who were in the wrong. Even if they have some mental illness, its the hospitals responsibility to take care of them! Our family has never bullied others, but we dont let others bully us either! If they want to file a lawsuit, then the truth will still be on our side in the court! Sun Xiaoqin said as she slammed the table in agitation.

Li Huowang continued to soothe her while glancing at the doctor who was awkwardly touching his nose beside them. Mom, mom, dont get so worked up. You came all the way here to visit me, so lets enjoy our time together.

Sun Xiaoqin suppressed the rage in her heart and bent down to take out the fruits from her bag. Dont bother yourself with this matter. Mom will settle it. Come, these are your favorite grapes. Eat more, you have become so skinny now. The hospital food isnt that good, right?

No, the hospital food is not bad. Li Huowang sat beside her and began to eat.

Li Huowang felt at ease as he listened to his mothers complaints while eating the sweet grapes.

He liked this sort of feeling. He had not experienced familial warmth for a long time, ever since he had entered the hospital.

As he looked at his mother, Li Huowang almost wanted to spill out everything that had happened to him. But just as the words reached the tip of his tongue, he swallowed them back.

No, shes different from Yang Na. If I speak of it, shell only think that my illness has become even worse. I cannot let her worry anymore. Ill only tell her once everything has stabilized.

Just as the mother and son were happily chatting, the attending physicians phone rang. After listening for a bit, he said, Madam Sun, Mr. Lius family has also arrived. Lets go have a look.

Son, stay here and rest. Also, eat more. Ill get some more for you once youre done, Sun Xiaoqin cheerfully said to Li Huowang, then puffed her chest and turned toward the door. She seemed like a rooster about to enter a confrontation.

Without even knowing why, Li Huowang felt an immense sense of peace as he watched her departing figure.

Due to his mother being so strong-willed, Li Huowang felt very secure as long as he was by her side. She was just like a large umbrella above his head, one that protected him from the turbulent wind and rain. All his worries from before seemed to vanish in an instant.

Keke, the lobby will definitely be bustling later on.

Li Huowang took another yellow-green grape and bit down on it, causing the fresh juices to burst forth in his mouth.

At that moment, Li Huowangs body shook violently for a while, and his surroundings started changing once again.

Oh no, Moms visit almost made me forget about how to trick that Baldy. What should I do now?

When his surroundings stabilized, Li Huowang found that he was already standing in the preparation room. Dan Yangzi was also standing nearby, looking quite displeased. Meanwhile, the other attendants were huddled in a circle with their heads drooping.

Dan Yangzi flipped his filthy hand to reveal a black, viscous object wriggling within the palm of his hand. Each movement was accompanied by a sound as though it was a toad trying to lick its eyeballs.

Eh? Wasnt it supposed to be that he would be using Bai Lingmiao to refine pills? Did the script change?

Li Huowang hesitated for a second, then asked, Master, what is that?

Hmph, its good stuff. Taisui, Black Taisui.

Chacha and Chars Thoughts

Compensation? MC is literally defending his GF from an aggressor. No way the court going to find him guilty

Also, Bai Lingmiao is next?!

Chapter end

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